A mediocre whirlwind

As Andrew and I come to the fruition of our first year of marriage, the word “whirlwind” comes to mind. Everything about us and this first year has been a whirlwind of change, discovery, love and confusion. With touches of stress and joy and everything in between.

Conveniently, the name of the street of our first house was whirlwind, and it couldn’t have possibly been better planned.
With our anniversary tomorrow, it got me thinking about what 366 days ago looked like. Everything went as planned, the guests had a great time (at least I hope) and I married an amazing man. But looking back, our wedding day was the most mediocre day of our marriage. Just stick with me here. Yes, that was easily one of the best, most fun days of my life and there’s no arguing that!
However, if it were the best day of my marriage, then: “Houston we have a problem”! (I’m currently flying over Houston so the phrase makes sense to me right now haha) Let me explain. Andrew and I have grown so much as individuals and in our marriage that where we were as a wedded couple on our big day just seems lame! Your wedding day, ideally needs to be the best day of your life but the worst day of your marriage. If your wedding day is the best part of your marriage, looks like it’s only going downhill from there. See, I’m not crazy, it makes sense now, doesn’t it?
I hope that when we look back another year from tomorrow we think that where we were a year ago was mediocre! The plan is to keep getting better and better at this whole marriage thing, and to make every year prior pail in comparison to the present.

Right now I’m on a Southwest jet to Pensacola to celebrate another year of whirlwind proportions. See you soon sweetheart.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

10/04 over and out.


2 thoughts on “A mediocre whirlwind

  1. “Your wedding day should be the best day of your life but the worst day of your marriage. ”

    How profound! And absolutely true. But one thing I have learned is look out for “woulda”, “shoulda”, and “coulda”. It doesn’t move your story forward. This is true in both writing and life.


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